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Don't be caught off guard when buying a "new to you home", especially if its been a bank repossession. Not all bank repossessions are a great deal. Some may be harboring a deadly secret. What if your new home was once used to manufacture Meth?

The residue from the biproducts can sit for years and not decay or dissipate. It can still be as deadly and caustic as the day the Meth was made if the home has not been professionally mitigated.

Some of these homes have switched hands several times from house flippers and now the new seller does not know about the dangers or the fact that the home is a biological disaster and therefore cannot disclose the previous condition.

"The house looks great."
"The kitchen is new."
"Man, look at those countertops!"

Little things that may distract us from what once was.

We at Associated Services Cleaning and Restoration are trained in the cleaning and removal of methamphetamine residue. We can also test homes for the residue left behind in the manufacturing of the substance.

Don't be caught off guard like this family was. Do your homework and know everything you can about the home before you buy it. Feel free to call our office if you're looking to purchase a home or if you feel that your home might be contaminated. Your life of the lives of your loved ones may depend on it.