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Water damage and restoration in Tallahassee and Northern Florida

Associated Services has years of experience in water damage restoration in Tallahassee and Northern Florida. We can help you with water damage mitigation, water extraction and/or removal, flood drying, structural drying, (ceilings, walls and floors), sewage cleanup and removal, water and mold abatement, inspection services, and odor removal.

When it comes to repairing the damage caused by water leaks and floods, we are the experts in Tallahassee for water damage restoration. With our trained and experienced technicians in water damage restoration care, we know exactly the right way to fix any problems that come from this kind of problem.

When you call Associated Services Cleaning and Restoration you will get the best in restoration care regarding any mold abatement and water damage. Our top notch and expert restorative and water damage technicians are your first choice for industry know-how, excellent service, tools, and equipment to tackle the job you have for us!
• Minimize Water Damage Loss
• Water Damage Care and Restoration
• Service for Commercial and Residential
• Flooring and Carpets Cleaned, Restored or Removed
• Use State-of-the-Art Equipment
• Provide Expert Care
• Clean and Repair the Effects of Water Damage
• Remove Mold and Provide Structural Drying  
• Dehumidify, Disinfect, Sanitize
• Thorough Mold Abatement with Post Testing
• Work with Insurance Companies Directly

Make us your first choice so we won't have to be your second! Get it right the first time.