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Soda Blasting – The first step in crawl space remediation

Crawl space remediation includes a number of steps. The first thing that must be done is to remove the existing mold from all surfaces. Our team at Associated Services Cleaning and Restoration use the highly effective method of soda blasting.


Process of Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting works on the same principal as sand blasting but without the damage or aggression that is or can be caused by using sand.

Our compressor pushes 265 cfm (cubic feet per minute) when the blasting media comes out the nozzle. As the soda contacts the floor joist and subfloor each grain explodes and cleans a surface area three times larger than the grain itself. When the soda meets mold spores, the spore is ruptured leaving it non-viable. In addition, the root system that mold colonies develop to digest cellulosic structures is also destroyed.

The wood will have a light sanded feel after being soda blasted. Plumbing pipes, electrical lines, air conditioning ducts are ridged enough that the blasting will not damage them. Soda blasting is not a bleaching process; it will not remove dark stains from the structure. Soda by nature is hydrophilic, meaning it will absorb a lot of moisture from the environment it’s in. Also, it is a green product, soda blasting residue is safe to leave under the home.

Once the crawl space is soda blasted, encapsulated, and kept under humidity control there is no reason for mold to reappear. If the ambient air is kept at 60% or less relative humidity, the wooden structure will not absorb enough moisture to grow mold.


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