Cleaning Steps

Our Final Cleaning Steps

At Associated Services Cleaning and Restoration. It is our goal to protect our staff, their families and our communities that we are working in. Weather it’s a crime scene, trauma or a biological contagion in an office building, safety and quality of the job is our main focus.

That’s why during this time of dealing with this Covid-19 crisis. We at Associated Services Cleaning and Restoration wanted to share our steps on what we do to protect our crews and to not transmit the contagion in our communities that we are working in.

When the job is completed and before we come out of our protective gear, we do the following steps to protect ourselves and protect against the spread of any contagion that we may be mitigating.

  1. Spray our selves from top down with a disinfectant. This includes the hood, full face respirators, arms, torso and legs, while following the proper dwell time of disinfectant by the manufacturer EPA requirement.
  2. Then the outer gloves are removed and disposed of.
  3. Next, we use a botanical solution wipes to clean our inner gloves, arms of the suits, full faces respirators and hoods.
  4. The we pull the tape that binds the suit to our inner gloves and start to disrobe out of the bio suit.
  5. We start at the hood. Rolling it backwards so to turn the suit inside out and continue rolling it backwards to the feet. Never coming in contact with the outer side of the suit.
  6. Then we step out of the suit and dispose of it and our inner gloves.
  7. Lastly, we use the botanical solution wipes to clean our face, ears, neck, hands and arms.
  8. All our equipment that we use is washed, treated and washed again to ensure that it is clean and safe to touch and transport and reuse on the next job.
  9. Each technician while going through the doffing procedure will be standing inside a contractor bag, so once finished with the disrobing of the PPE will step out of the suit leaving it inside the contractor bag to be disposed of.