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Some reviews from clients that we worked with on Bio Hazard cleanup

Ronald McDonald House Charities Of Tallahassee;

Dear Mr. Walsh:

Thank you for the professional services provided to the Ronald McDonald House of Tallahassee in January, 2008. Your expertise in handling the MRSA contamination within our facility is deeply appreciated.

In addition, you have personally donated $1,200.00 in kind to our charity.

Joe, I am glad to know who to call for assistance, if I am faced with another similar situation.


Kathy A.

To whom it may concern,


Mr. Joe Walsh (Associated Services Cleaning and Restoration) was the only company after three attempts with other companies that was able to complete my efforts in making my townhouse habitable. I found Joe to very professional and determined to do whatever it took to complete what he started and to insure my full satisfaction as the owner of the property.

Terry D.

Dear Joe and Sherry Walsh,

Joe, thank you again for your kindness, quick response, resources and support. Mostly though the kind way you have treated us during this time.

Lisa M.

Dear Sir or Madam:

Reference: Joe Walsh @ Associated Services Cleaning and Restoration

Last month one of my tenants committed suicide by use of a gun. I was informed by the Tallahassee Police Department that I would have to hire a company to come in and do al biohazard clean up.

They gave me the names of 3 companies. One of the company’s telephone was no longer in service, one company that I called the gentleman didn’t seem to know what he was talking about.

Then I called Mr. Walsh @ Associated Services and found him to be very informative. He explained what he would do, gave me a general ballpark price that I could give my home office in Jacksonville, Fl. and said he could do the work the next day.

Mr. Walsh was very detailed in the cleanup, supplied us with a before and after pictures and too care of a bad situation quickly and professionally.

Having myself only being a manager of an apartment complex for a couple of years and never having gone through anything like this, it was very helpful to have someone like Mr. Walsh to be as professional and informative as he was.

I would recommend Mr. Walsh and his company very highly to anyone who might find themselves in the situation that I found myself in and not knowing exactly what to do or how to do it.

Jo Ann H.

Thank you for your excellent services and quick response time in handling a bio hazard situation at our home.

Joyce M.

To whom it may concern,


Please find this letter as my personal endorsement for Associated Services Cleaning and Restoration. In July of 2008 we were faced with a very difficult situation that required trauma scene clean up dealing with hazardous material. When we contacted Joe Walsh, he immediately put together his team of professionals and stated on this difficult task. Our family lives over 3 hours away from Tallahassee and Joe stayed in continuous contact with us throughout the entire operation and was there to answer all of our questions and to assist us with additional help.

Joe, and his wife Sherry, handled everything in a very professional manner but went above and beyond to take care of the personal and emotional needs that go along with a tragedy of this scale. Even months after the completion of the job they have continued to show sincere concern and compassion to our family. I could not give a higher recommendation for the Walsh’s or Associated Services; I would trust them with ANY job regardless of scale. You can feel completely confident that all your needs will be met with the highest professionalism, integrity and respect.


Shelley B.