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Homeless Camp Removal

Homeless camp cleanup is the process of removing trash, human waste, and biohazards from homeless encampments. Often, encampments pose serious danger to the public as they may contain sharp objects, used needles, and other hazardous materials that can spread disease.

At Associated Services, we have experience in homeless camp removal in Tallahassee, Florida, and surrounding Florida cities, including Crawfordville, Wakulla, Quincy, Havana, and Monticello. While some services vary depending on the size and condition of the encampment, we follow the following steps:

  • Removal of trash and debris: This includes everything from food wrappers to furniture as it attracts rodents, which spread disease.
  • Removal of human waste: This includes the effective clean-up of raw sewage and sanitation to stop the spread of disease.
  • Removal of biohazards: This includes removing drug paraphernalia and other materials that pose a health risk to the public.
  • Disinfection: This last step eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other diseases that may be present.

For more information about our homeless camp cleaning services, please call (850) 681-3148 to discuss your specific needs.