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Our Safety Policy

Associated Services is committed to conducting our operations with a primary focus on safeguarding our employees’ and customers’ health and safety. Our commitment extends to nurturing a culture that cultivates a secure, productive, and environmentally responsible work environment. We pledge to comply with all applicable laws and regulations while implementing reasonable measures to ensure compliance and uphold our commitment to safety and sustainability.

Our Core Safety Principles

  • Leadership: Our leadership sets high expectations and demonstrates personal ownership, responsibility, and accountability for Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) performance.
  • Accountability: Each employee upholds accountability by complying with applicable Federal, State, and County regulations. Our employees strictly adhere to Associated Services’ HSE policies and procedures.
  • Performance: We actively promote performance excellence through positive interactions with people and our environment, striving for continual improvement.
  • Excellence: We advance excellence through genuine care and compassion for our fellow humans and the environment, solidifying our commitment to leading a strong safety culture.
  • Culture: Our culture is nurtured through interpersonal relationships, teamwork, and shared beliefs. We communicate our core safety values repeatedly, consistently, and accurately to foster a strong safety culture.

Our HSE Commitment

Associated Services’ HSE commitment to staff members is simple. We will focus on maximizing our effectiveness in HSE by assuring:

  • No accidents at worksites
  • No harm to people
  • No damage to the environment
  • No damage to Associated Services or Customer assets

Associated Services staff members have the right and responsibility to stop work without fear of reprisal for any activity considered an imminent danger, like any condition or behavior that could reasonably be expected to cause death, serious injury, or environmental harm.