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Professional carpet cleaning

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Have you ever called companies to get quotes on getting your carpets cleaned? Were you shocked in the difference in the range of pricing.  You more likely went with the low price company that is offering five rooms for fifty dollars. Then you were disappointed when the job reflected that fifty dollar price too.

On all residential jobs with Associated Services Cleaning and Restoration we do the following steps to ensure proper quality cleaning. 

  1. Vacuum all the carpeted area that is to be cleaned. (This is proven to remove 70% of all loose soil.)
  2. Pre treat all carpet to be cleaned. ( This is a detergent to help lift and suspend soil from the fibers) 
  3. Steam clean the carpet and extract. ( Some companies just use cold water and don’t extract) 
  4. Block and tab all furniture that might be damaged or bleed back on to the carpet while it is drying.

Following these steps will ensure you (the home owner) will receive the best quality job for your money.  Associated Services  Cleaning and Restoration does not up charge the job once we get there. The price we quote you is our price and includes everything listed above. We even have a sales person on staff to come to your home to give a quote free of charge and to answer any questions you might have. Call us today and schedule your carpet cleaning, our office number is 681-3148. 

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