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The Importance of Proper Extraction When Your Home or Business is Flooded

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The importance of proper extraction when your home or business is flooded. 

Did you know that extracting water is 1200 times faster than any drying? Well, it’s true! Extracting water is 1200 times faster than any drying that can be done. This is why it is so important to extract as much water on the initial visit verses trying to dry it out of the home. The extraction may take another hour to complete properly but will cut days off the drying.

If you have had a company come out at one in the morning on a flood and all they do is set up drying equipment and say they will be back later to extract; you should ask them to leave your property right then. The longer the water sits in your home the more it will penetrate into your building structure. Then the harder it becomes to dry your home or business; and the longer you have to contend with all the noise in your home or business. We at Associated Services Cleaning and Restoration will always extract everything on the initial visit as it should be done; even at three in the morning. We will do moisture reads so to tell what is wet and what is dry in your building materials and set up the proper equipment to dry the structure adequately and in a timely manner. By doing the proper steps in the beginning, we can cut days off the mitigation and save more building materials; which means less rebuild if any.

Most of your building materials can take being wet and then dried. There are some that can’t take being wet at all like particle board. Particle board will swell and buckle and will have to be pulled and replaced. Sheet rock however is more durable once it has been wet and dried. Your solid wood base or trim will dry and most likely not need any painting. Your carpet and pad can handle being wet and dried with no problem.  Your carpet actually is washed before it leaves the carpet mill and sent to the carpet store; so being flooded and dried is not a issue, as long as it is a clean water loss. Most of the time your carpet and pad can be dried in under 24 hours. Most clean water losses can be dried within 36 hours.

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