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By Joseph on 10/22/2013 10:28 AM
The importance of proper extraction when your home or business is flooded. 

Did you know that extracting water is 1200 times faster than any drying? Well, it’s true! Extracting water is 1200 times faster than any drying that can be done. This is why it is so important to extract as much water on the initial visit verses trying to dry it out of the home. The extraction may take another hour to complete properly but will cut days off the drying.

If you have had a company come out at one in the morning on a flood and all they do is set up drying equipment and say they will be back later to extract; you should ask them to leave your property right then. The longer the water sits in your home the more it will penetrate into your building structure. Then the harder it becomes to dry your home or business; and the longer you have to contend with all the noise in your home or business. We at Associated Services Cleaning and Restoration will always extract everything on the initial visit as it should...
By Joseph on 10/3/2013 3:38 PM


Mold Mitigation and Proper Containment

Containment is essential for mold mitigation. Containment locks off the affected area and separates it from the rest of the house or business. We usually use plastic sheeting to create the barrier walls. If you ever see a containment wall sagging or loose it is not set properly. The containment gives us the ability to keep the affected area under negative conditions. Negative conditions keep a constant draw on the contained area so that dust cannot escape and settle in other places throughout the home or business. Look at your containment as a safety net while work is being performed. If it does not look professional then your safety net has some big holes in it. If you have any questions on work being done in your home or would like to discuss work that you need done, please call our office at 850-681-3148 and we will set a time to come out and speak with you.

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